How far should I be able to walk in 6 minutes?

The six-minute walking test reports the distance a subject is able to cover within a time span of six minutes. As such, the six-minute walking test is a simple, safe, and inexpensive tool to estimate the functional capacity of an individual. We provide a calculator to determine your predicted six-minute walk distance.

How do we determine the individual six-minute distance?

The prospective Characteristics and Course of Heart Failure Stages A-B and Determinants of Progression (STAAB) cohort study investigates a representative sample of residents of the City of Würzburg, Germany, aged 30 to 79 years, without a history of heart failure. Participants underwent a standardized assessment of the six-minute walk test using a 15-m hallway. In a representative sample of the general population free from HF, we derived reference percentiles applicable when using a 15-m hallway.

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Who is behind the 6MWT?

Caroline Morbach1,2    Nicola Moser1    Vladimir Cejka1,2    Michael Stach3    Floran Sahiti1,2    Fabian Kerwagen1,2    Stefan Frantz1,2    Rüdiger Pryss3    Götz Gelbrich1,3,4    Peter Heuschmann1,3,4    Stefan Störk1,2   

1 Department Clinical Research & Epidemiology, Comprehensive Heart Failure Center, University and University Hospital Würzburg
2 Department Internal Medicine I, University Hospital Würzburg
3 Institute of Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry, University of Würzburg
4 Clinical Trial Center, University Hospital Würzburg